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VELO Arctic Grapefruit

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Convenient and Clean

VELO Arctic Grapefruit is not only about great taste and the right nicotine hit; it’s also about convenience. Each can contains 14 grams of product, making it easy to carry and enjoy on the go. The use of NICOTINE POUCHES means no more dealing with the mess of traditional tobacco products. Simply place a pouch under your lip and let the fresh grapefruit flavor elevate your nicotine experience.

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Sleek Design, Full Flavor

The SLIM FORMAT of VELO Arctic Grapefruit pouches ensures a comfortable fit under the lip, allowing for discreet use anytime, anywhere. With 20 pouches per can, you can enjoy the bold and zesty GRAPEFRUIT FLAVOUR that VELO is known for, without any tobacco leaf or smoke.

Strength and Satisfaction

Each pouch weighs in at 0.70 grams, striking the perfect balance between flavor intensity and nicotine content. With a NORMAL STRENGTH rating, the 10 mg of NICOTINE PER POUCH and 14.3 mg of NICOTINE PER GRAM provide a satisfying kick for both new and experienced users of nicotine pouches.


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